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Leaving For One Month to ‘The New China’ – India,

26 September, 2007

Well this is my second posting in my otherwise pitiful blog. I suppose I ought to spend more time here than commenting on Dvorak Uncensored.

I have a lot of postings running through my thoughts, one of them is India. I have read in the media that India is not expected to be the new China. However from what I see this will not be the case. China is becoming more expensive with the appreciation of the RMB to the point now that many Chinese companies are looking to manufacture in India – to save money! When with this end?

We have started trading with India and we are currently looking at investment there to catch the wave – hence this first trip out. When I return I will have a better insight of India and will post my thoughts.

We will also be traveling to Turkey this trip – I keep thinking about that movie “Midnight Express”, funny how we label things so easily – Hmmm.